Monday, January 09, 2006

Success Happens One Day At A Time

Mona's Lilies ©2008 Terry Gorley

Article written by Brian Rooney (Traffic Wave owner)

While we were eating, my wife dropped a tortilla chip on the floor. We were outside next to the river and a rather large pigeon came up to the chip.

It tried to eat the chip but it was too big.

It stepped back, turned its head to the side as if to say "What? How am I going to deal with this big thing?".

It pecked the chip again.

Again nothing happened. The chip didn't break. The pigeon stepped back and turned its head again with that same quizzical look as if to say, "How am I going to eat this thing?".

This went on a little while longer and during one of those times when the pigeon was wondering what was going on, a tiny little bird (I think it was a finch) swooped down and grabbed the chip in its beak... turned and flew to a nearby chair.

The chip was bigger than the bird!

Then the little bird picked the chip up and slammed itdown on the chair. The chip broke into a few smaller pieces, including some little crumbs.

The little bird just hopped around on the chair eating the little crumbs. When it finished those crumbs, it picked up a big piece and slammed it down on the chair.

The pigeon was still standing right where it had started... with no chip... and wondering what had just happened!

Within the space of a few minutes, the little bird had continued slamming big pieces into little pieces... eating the little pieces... then slamming big pieces into little pieces... eating the little pieces until the entire chip was gone.

How many times do we sit and stare at a big "chip"wondering how we are going to eat this thing? Or... wondering how we're going to ever understand all this information?

Some people are like that pigeon. They try to figure out everything within the first few minutes. All they can see is a big chip... a lot of information... and it overwhelms them. They try to just eat the silly thing without every really understanding the pieces.

~ ~ ~

Success doesn't happen all at once ... it takes time and patience to grow and learn.
Success happens one day step at a time ... one day at a time