Wednesday, February 11, 2009

7 Principals for Success

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What Are The 7 Principals For Success?

This is what I learned from Rob & Ray

7 Principals For Success are:

1 Purpose
2 Possibility Thinking
3 Enthusiasm
4 Integrity
5 Persistance
6 Out Flowing
7 Creating

Your purpose must be bigger than you. If its just about the money you won't likely succeed. You must think beyond you ... What can I do to make a difference? ... How can I help others achieve their hopes, dreams & desires

If you could live life with no regrets, "What would it be?"

What you put your mind on is what you create. We've been hearing a lot of about this lately with "The Secret" ... its the Law of Attraction

Possibility Thinking
Have something that draws out the best in you.
What would you give your life to?

Enthusiasm & Integrity
Live the life you love
Living the life you said you were going to (integrity)
Look at the unfinished business in your life and finish it: complete relationships, clean your closet, refrigerator, medicine cabinet ... get rid of the clutter!!!

Persist even in the face of failure
Knowing your purpose allows yo to be persistant

Think of a successful person you admire ... What is it you admire about them? How do they impact you?

What creates your energy & excitement?
Be a person who makes something happen

What value can you add that nobody else can?
Create your own value

Practice & Live the Principals
Don't complain
Say, "Thank you" to the Universe for the small things that happen to you ... find a penny ... say "Thank you!"

Unleash your own unique talents
Regrets are most about what you didn't do
Experience is the best teacher ... Learn by experience

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