Monday, September 28, 2009

Weeds Come With Flowers

Donna's Lupin Garden ©2009 Terry Gorley

When you are planting your seeds remember there will always be weeds that come with the flowers. No matter how careful you cultivate your garden those pesky little plants will find their place among your beautiful blooms.

Life is like that too. Life will throw in challenges and obstacles throughout a Lifetime. It can be smooth sailing and in the blink of an eye send us reeling in high turbulent waves during the storm of the season. What follows that storm is a rainbow. There are lessons to be learned at the end of every storm we encounter. The clouds have a silver lining if we look for it.

We can choose to sink into the depths of despair or we can see our way through by knowing there is a reason for all situations in our life.

Some of our greatest challenges will happen when we are very young. Some will come later in life. We can choose to act or react to our situation. The problem is, too many don't realize they have a choice. They haven't been taught that they do have choices.

I understand I have choices.
I understand I cannot change the past or other people.
I understand I can change my behavior and how I think.
Who I spend time with, my goals and priorities, my lifestyle and health habits.
Knowing this I can do what is best for me.
~Terry Gorley~

My writing isn't to diminish any horrific experience you may have had. Indeed any such experience needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. It is to help you acknowledge the challenges in your life, so you can move forward.

Today, I will accept the weeds that come with the flowers
~Terry Gorley~

~ ~ ~