Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Learning To Drive

Snow Laden Trees ©2007 Terry Gorley

This week I took my Grandmother on our monthly outing to do her monthly banking, shoppping, etc. We travel north about three quarters of an hour to the community she lived in for more than fifty years.

The previous day it had snowed more than ten inches. The landscape was pristeen in its purity. As I glanced across a field all laden in white, I commented how much fun it would be to be snowmobiling in that field. We laughed and remembered the fun times we had shared in the past.

As I reflected on those times, I recalled the first time I was allowed to drive a snowmobile. I was probably twelve or thirteen years old. I drove around the open field for awhile then it was time to stop. Not having a whole lot of sense or control, I came inches from hitting a tree.

When I was fifteen, my Dad thought I could use some driving lessons since I would be able to get my driver's license the following year. With good sense he knew I would need time to practise. We climbed in ... he gave me instructions ... I drove the truck ... right through the barbed wire fence. That was the end of my lessons. I didn't get my license until I was thirty-two.

We learn and grow at our own pace. Each failure teaches us a Life Lesson in preparation for the next step on the journey to our Destiny.

~ ~ ~