Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happiness & Butterflies

Butterfly on Mint Blossom ©2008 Terry Gorley
With so many home based businesses available today, here's something to think about when you ask your Friends to join you in your chosen ventures

Remember for different reasons not all of your friends will join you in your business. That's ok!

You treasure your friends and they will be a gift you can cherish for a lifetime

The money you earn from your business will not buy friends or happiness, therefore if you don't want your success to be an empty void, you must fill it with Love & Gratitude, so that you may enjoy your desired wealth and success

Money does not buy happiness ... if you are unhappy being poor, you will be just as unhappy being wealthy

Happiness will only elude you if you feel the need to search for it ... happiness is not elusive. Happiness comes from within
Allow peace & tranquility to fill your soul ... allow quiet moments to embrace your being ... allow happiness to lite upon you as a wayward butterfly as it flits about on a beautiful summer day
~ ~ ~

Friday, January 30, 2009

What You Need

Soaring Eagle ©2008 Terry Gorley
What you need or want comes to you in the time it is needed the most. When you absolutely know what it is you need or want it WILL come! I know ... there are many instances in my life when this has happened.

When I wrote the poem "Give Me Wings" in 2004, the words took me in a different direction than what was originally planned. The poem has been used since to help inspire others to be the BEST that they can be. To be independent and free to make mistakes ... to learn from those mistakes, so that they can learn, grow and ultimately succeed.

In the fall of 2008, I wanted a photo of an eagle. There are many now in our valley. Over the past few months, it seemed whenever I forgot my camera, I had the privilege of seeing an eagle that would have made a beautiful photograph. On that particular day in October, I made up my mind to find an eagle. I drove down the highway stopping along the way to take pictures of the splendid autumn colors.

Before long, I spotted an eagle perched in a tree, so I quickly pulled over to the side of the road. As I was getting ready to take my shot, another car pulled up. They had spotted the eagle too. I learned they were from England and couldn't believe their luck in spotting the eagle. While we chatted, I missed the opportunity as the eagle soared away.

Ah well, I thought as I continued on my journey to take more autumn photos. As I pulled over to take a shot up the valley, "my" eagle soared above my head. It was like he was dancing and putting on a show just for me. I was in awe of his majestic beauty as I snapped pictures as he performed.

It was a beautiful sunny day ... I had not been disappointed. Indeed the sunshine and the eagle made my day and I went home Grateful for the experience.

We don't always take the time to appreciate moments like these. How many have you experienced? Did you acknowledge getting what you wanted or needed?

Give Me Wings
Give me wings
So I can fly,
For freedom, for independence.
Give me wings
So I can be All that I am,
All that I can be.
Give me wings
So I might fail,
Learn ...
Give me wings
To be myself,
Give me wings.
~©Terry Gorley~
~ ~ ~