Sunday, February 01, 2009

Understanding Yourself

Beaver Lake ©2007 Terry Gorley
Do you understand yourself?
Why you behave and think the way you do?

Have you ever sat in complete stillness and allowed yourself to just feel nothing?
To have a clear mind

Its an amazing exercise that will provide answers to whatever questions regarding your life that you may have. It will give you a path to follow in finding all the answers you need to finding solutions to problems ... to living the Life of your Dreams ... whatever your Dream

One of my favorite healers is Dee Wallace. You may know her as the actress who played the Mom in the movie, "ET The Extraterrestrial." From her I learned "I know that I know." That the consciousness knows everything ... that the answers are always within

Understanding yourself is like sunshine on water ...
the brighter it shines the more it reflects ...
the more it relfects ...
the brighter the sparkle!
Terry Gorley~
~ ~ ~

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