Friday, September 11, 2009

Creativity & September 11th

White Peony ©2009 Terry Gorley

Today is September 11/09. Just eight years ago, September 11th was one of the most horrific days in world history. Yesterday, I talked about creativity. Whatever you choose to create, I hope it will result in happiness for you and be something that will make the world a better place to live.

These were my thoughts regarding that day:


September 11, 2001
Watching the horrors unfold
Glued for hours … for days
Grieving for them, for freedom,
For human rights,
For security and democracy.
Pictures and headlines
Chilling to the bone
With overwhelming realization…
Of shocking vulnerability.
Beyond imagination;
True heroism in the face of adversity,
Stories of hope … and despair…
Waiting … waiting
And for what
And you wait some more
And thro’ the foggy mist of information
Dwells the nagging of uncertainty…
Terry Gorley~
Wishing Peace For All

~ ~ ~


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