Friday, September 18, 2009

My Paradox

Rocky Garden Path ©2009 Terry Gorley

I've been writing poetry for many years, yet there are times my writing skills elude me. Sometimes I go for months without writing anything impressive. Much of my creativity goes with the ebb and tides of being bi-polar.

I've learned to go with those ebbs and tides. My Life as a person who lives with bi-polar disorder is a paradox ... a contradiction.

It is my Friend as well as my enemy. It is my light and my darkness. It is my enthusiasm and my apathy. My Inspiration and depression. It is all who I am. It is what makes me a unique individual. I have learned to embrace me ... as I am.

Do I like the negative effects of being bi-polar? Of course not. Do I appreciate the creativity and positive opposite ... indeed I do!

Could I have one without the other? Perhaps not. Life is like that. It is negative and it is positive. I look for the positive in all situations. How I see any situation is a choice. I can choose to see the negative side or I can choose to see the positive side. I choose to see the positive.

My path of thought is very rocky;
Skipping along, I stumble and fall,
Words swirling like leaves in a breeze
Teasing, just out of reach,
Not wanting to be caught;
Then as an apparition - Inspiration appears
Words falling quickly into place,
Now like marching soldiers
Onward down my trail of thought.
Hiking along my way, I come upon a pond;
Blue, cold, crystal clear
Reflecting, as does a mirror
I toss the words - they go upward - and down,
Slicing the surface like a knife,
Though far from deep they are drowning,
Helpless in their floundering.
Then as an apparition - Inspiration appears
Brought back to reality my words are saved.
~Terry Gorley~

~ ~ ~

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