Friday, May 18, 2012

Ring of Fire Unity Wave

May 20th - June 30th, 2012
42 Day

Blooming Humans

Ring of Fire Unity WaveReleasing the Past ~ Appreciating the Present ~ DreamSeeding the Future  

Join us for a timely, soul-sparking
Blooming Humans Ring of Fire Unity Wave We've designed this wave align with, and amplify, the highly
transformative celestial events during May and June 2012.

Together, we will be activating Dream Seeds in our Hearts,
daily attuning to the natural cycles of creation, consciously releasing
all that no longer serves, and coming together to b'earth our collective
visions, passions and soul callings
We are DREAM SEEDING a Garden of Illuminated Hearts!
Join us here =========>      

You might wonder, why May 20th???
May 20th is a New Moon (a great time to plant seeds of intention
and re-new our spirits) AND we will be bathed in the dark Light of an annular Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses carry the energy of Divine Union, alignment of Masculine
(the Sun) and Feminine (the Moon), and are a power-filled invitation
to align these energies within our selves.

Solar eclipses assist in "bringing forward" the Divine Feminine energies of nurturance, creativity, intuition and compassion. As the dark of the moon passes, and the Sun's life giving Light graces the face of earth, we are given insight into the cyclic nature of time. We see that darkness passes, and we remember to "hold our center" in the midst of great change.
Adding to the unifying energies of the May 20th eclipse is a series of celestial events, each one offering on-growing opportunities to:
  • Transmute and release the last vestiges of fear (and the illusion of separation) carried in our energy fields
  • Be Love and Appreciate the gifts of the present.
  • Master the art of conscious co-creation by DREAM SEEDING the future.

Here is the power play-list of upcoming celestial events:May 20th - New Moon and Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse
June 4th - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 5-6 - Venus Transit
June 20th - Summer/Winter Solstice

Beloveds, In direct relation to our inner state of health and harmony, we willexperience an amplification of all that is ready to be healed, transmuted and released. Be gentle with the self, as these come to Light. Go with Gratitude.
Pay attention to people, situations, and memories that flare up and witness each one through the eyes of Gratitude and Compassion. Witnessing, rather than reacting, creates the space for the wisdom of the experience to flow through us, without hooking us into a story -- often one of wrong and right, good and bad, us and them (the "old world" of illusion and separation).

This choice to be a fair witness of our lives accelerates deep healing, clearing the way for new thoughts, opportunities and ideas to arise ... evolutionary partners to come into our lives ... and a re-ignited passion for our projects, visions and DreamSeeds to rise.
This 42 Day Blooming Humans wave serves as a support system during this cosmic window of shift and change, a daily guide for tuning in to our Inner Knowing, re-connecting with our passion and purpose, and leveraging the group energy of our global community towards manifesting Peace, Prosperity, Harmony and Healing Complete for All.
Thankfully, many groups are gathering across the planet, on May 20th, to unite our Hearts in a great coming together; To consciously radiate Love, Peace, Compassion and Gratitude into the matrix of creation, and amplify our ability to co-operate, co-vision and co-b'earth life-affirming shifts in our personal and collective reality.
Wherever the day finds you,
take a few moments to
breathe Love deeply into the Heart
and feel the Great-Full-Ness of Life.

Acknowledge the wondrous blessings
and gifts present in your Life.

Send Love and Gratitude to All our Relations
and feel the HeartFire rise, as a beacon of Light,
illuminating the Way
through even the darkest of times.

Whether we are in large groups, or one by one, our choice to BE Love and
Go Gratitude is a gift to one and ALL!
Since launching the Go Gratitude experiment in 2005, we have been on an amazing journey together -- exploring the transformational power of Gratitude in our lives, re-membering to see the Great-Full-Ness and Beauty of all things, and healing our hearts in order to thrive.

Over the past 7 years, we've witnessed the world BLOOM with Love and Gratitude. Thank you for being a vital 'peace' of this Great Coming Together, and showing up to shine in your own way .... each and every day!

Remember - each Heart Blooming in Love and Gratitude makes all the difference. May you feel the beauty of your True Divine Being and know you are Loved.
Thank you for being our Hearts. Thank you for being YOU!in Love and Gratitude,
Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

p.s. If you're new to the Blooming Humans journey, this is a soul-sparking,
passion pulsing, creative way to tune in and bring to Light what is ready to
within you. For those who've bloomed with us before, join us again ... each journey is unique, as are you. Give yourself the gift of growing together and add your 'Peace' to the gathering, too. Here we grow, again

p.p.s. Free free to pass this message along, and invite others to join us for this 42 day cosmic gathering of Blooming Humans! Together we are better, and each Dream Seed adds diversity to our growing Garden of Illuminated Hearts. Plus ... as always, Blooming Humans is offered on the basis of Appreciation: You choose to share what works for you. This way, everyone can play!

Go Gratitude
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